Buyers 2021

RETURNING BUYERS:  Be watching for your bidder packet in the mail and mark your calendars for

            2021 Auction:  August 21


Sale Order:    Swine, Rabbits, Beef, Lambs, Turkeys, Goats, Chicken


Pre Register for the Sale:  New Buyer Registration Form

HOW THE LIVESTOCK AUCTION WORKS:   Upon arrival on auction day, check in an at the Clackamas County Jr. Livestock Auction (CCJLA) registration desk located next to the auction ring. Buyers will be provided a buyer number and sales catalog. The sales catalog lists all of the animals to be auctioned, along with their respective weights and the name of the 4-H/FFA member selling the animal. Each animal (beef, sheep, hogs, and goats) are sold by their live weigh in pounds. Turkeys, chickens, and rabbits are sold by the lot. When a buyer wishes to bid on an animal, simply raise your hand/buyer number. The bidding continues until the high bid is reached with the animal going to the highest bidder. If you are new to the auction and would like assistance with bidding, there will be CCJLA committee members available to guide you in the process.

Please remember, bidding helps increase the sale price of the animal, regardless if you ultimately purchase the animal, which helps the 4-H and FFA youth realize a profit on their market animal project.

A buyer has two options for their purchased animal:

1) RESALE – select this option if you want the purchased animal to be sent to the floor buyer at the floor price. You will be responsible for paying the difference between the bid price and the floor price, which may be tax deductible.   The animal will be sent directly to the floor buyer by the CCJLA and you will not take possession of the animal.

New in 2021, animals sent to resale will be offered to ‘Friends of the Auction’ supporters for purchase and then sent to processing.

2) PERSONAL USE—select this option if you want to have the animal processed for personal consumption. The CCJLA provides transportation to several local processors that are listed in the sale catalog. Buyers are responsible for contacting the processor with instructions and payment. This option also provides for live animal pickup between 6:00-7:30 am on the morning after the auction.

We welcome multiple buyers to purchase a single animal

Following a buyer’s successful bid for an animal, a CCJLA representative will deliver an invoice directly to the buyer. It is appreciated if buyers can remain in the same general location so that they can be easily located by the representative. The form will include options for the buyer to select so that the auction can accurately record the purchase and intended use. The form will include:

Animal Identification
(sale number and ear tag number), weight, price per pound bid and amount due.
Resale or Personal Use or Live Pickup Option

Buyer Information will be listed on the form and include buyer number, name, and contact information. The buyer signature certifies that they are authorized to sign for the purchase and accept responsibility for payment/collection of the amount due.
Buyers are expected to pay for their purchase(s) before leaving the fairgrounds at the CCJLA cashier table located on the north side of the auction ring. Checks are payable to: Clackamas County Jr. Livestock Auction (CCJLA)

Can’t Attend the Auction?

Just fill out the Absentee Buyer Form and have an auction committee member bid on your behalf.

The CCJLA is a 501(C)3 organization which means proxy donations or a portion of auction purchases, are tax deductible.

Advertising Opportunity

For every species, in the FFA and 4H Divisions, Champion and Reserve Champion livestock are chosen, based on market standards and overall quality of the animal. These animals will be the first of their species to sell, and buyers have the opportunity to get in the ring with these champions, get their photo taken, which will then be featured on our website, news letters, or can be printed onto buyer cards which can then be displayed and used as unique advertising opportunities for your local business!


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