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2020 Virtual Market Animal Auction

Auction Date: 8-22-2020

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Auction Process:


Auction Process and Schedule:

August 17  Sale site opens for Bidder Registration
August 19  Bidding opens   
August 22  Sale closes   2 pm
August 23  ALL ADD ON MONIES DUE 6 PM (online)

Sale Order:    Lots will be randomized, to ensure equal opportunities for all projects. Please see FAQ’s for help finding a specific species, or project.

Bidding will be available virtually via cell phone, computer, tablet, or other handheld devices.

Are you bidding for multiple people? The sale site links an email with your bidder registration. You can register multiple bidders, but each will need a different email.

If you want to split the invoice between multiple bidders, you will be able to select that as an option on the Processing/Resale form that will be filled out for every animal you purchase.

If you would like to view the lots in the auction but do not want to sign up as a bidder? Just click the ‘register to bid’ button. This will link you to the sale to view lots.

In what ways can I support the CCJLA Auction this year?

Buyers this year have the option to:

  1. Purchase an animal to support a member and resale the animal back to the floor buyer.
  2. Purchase an animal and pick the live animal up
    • Please review the animal delivery information below. You will be contacted when your animal is ready for pick up.
  3. Purchase an animal and have it sent to a processor on our list
  4. Donate to a specific project via an Add-On
  5. Become a sponsor of the CCJLA by donating an amount of your choice!

Resale or Processing?

The winning bidder will have the option of resale or to keep. Processing options and floor prices are posted on the CCJLA website. There will be a form for you to fill out stating your request after purchase is made. This must be filled out ASAP after purchasing

How do I bid on an animal?

To bid on an animal, please register to be an online bidder. (See How to Register) Then, when the Clackamas County Junior Livestock Auction is posted on the auction site, click “register” then proceed to accept the terms. Browse lots, and bid by clicking the blue “Bid” button at the bottom of the lot. Watch closely, and refresh frequently!

How do I raise my own bid?

Do you want to raise the current bid price of a lot, but you were the last bidder? Bids can not be raised without an active counter bid. If you would like to raise the bid price contact to receive a counter bid.

Starting Bid:

Animals will be sold by the head and a starting bid will be listed for each lot. The animal weight will be posted in the detail section of each lot. 

Animal Resale Prices:

The resale pricing for the catalog is submitted for approval as:
Mkt. Lamb $125 head
Mkt. Steer $1,200 head
Mkt. Goat $175 head
Mkt. Hog $75 head
Broilers $15 pen
Turkeys $15 head
Rabbits $15 pen

Buyer Add-ons:

Due:  August 23rd 6 PM.

What is an add-on?

Add-on donations provide youth participants in the Livestock Auction the ability to obtain additional funds from friends, family, business, and interested parties that can add on to the sale price of the animal of a designated exhibitor.  Add-On donations may only be made to exhibitors who qualify for the Livestock Auction with a 4-H or FFA project market animal. To donate to a project, click here.

How do I “add-on”?

To add on, click this link or visit the add-on page in the navigation. Once you have been redirected, complete the form, select the exhibitor you would like to add-on to, and select your amount. Follow check out procedure. Still need help? Click here.

After the Auction:

Meat Processors:

Congrats! You have won a lot. Now, complete the Processing and/or Resale form to pick your processor, and recieve your invoice.

Immediately following winning your lot, please complete the Processing and/or Resale form, noting what you intend to do with the animal. Forms will be posted here when available.
***There are no processors for Market Chickens, Market Rabbits, or Market Turkeys!

ProcessorLocationPhoneProcessing Costs
Bens Custom MeatsDayton503-864-2500Cattle – $100 Kill
$35 Disposal
$.70 Cut/Wrap Hogs – $75 Kill
$25 Disposal
$.70 Cut/Wrap
$.85 Cure/smoke $1.25 Sausage
Ebners Custom MeatsCanby503-266-5678Cattle – $120 Kill
$35 Disposal
$.70 Cut/Wrap Hogs – $75 Kill
$25 Disposal
$.70 Cut/Wrap
$.85 Cure/smoke $1.25 Sausage
Mountain Spring Meat CoMolalla(971) 349-0710Hogs – $75 Kill
$25 Disposal
$.70 Cut/Wrap
$.80 Cure/smoke
Malco BuxtonsSandy(503) 668-4838Beef – $140 Kill for 800-999 lb carcass; $250 for 1000 lb or more
$.70 Cut/wrap
H & K MeatsJefferson503-378-1711Hogs – $90 Kill $20 Disposal
$.95 Cut/Wrap $1.50 Cure/smoke
Willamina MeatsWillamina503-876-2516
Beef – $100 Kill
$50 Disposal
$.88 Cut/Wrap
Hogs – $60 Kill
$15 Disposal
$.98 Cut/Wrap
$1.25 Cure/smoke
Lambs – $135 Flat Rate for kill, cut/wrap

Animal Delivery:

Animals should be delivered to one of the following locations, unless you receive communication from CCJLA that you received your buy back.

August 23rd, 9 am-Noon
Woodburn Livestock 
For Address & Contact, click here.
CATTLE – For extra info on beef, including transportation slips, click here.
August 25th, 4 pm – 7 pm 
Fairgrounds/Rodeo grounds
– Use livestock gate
For Address & Contact, click here.
For the Fairgrounds map, click here.
August 26th, Noon-7 pm
North Clackamas Land Lab
For Address & Contact, click here.
August 26th,  4 pm-7 pm
North Clackamas Land Lab
For Address & Contact, click here.

Auction Closing:

The Auction Closes 2:00PM PST on 8/22/2020. Each lot will have its own auction clock and will be staggered closed 60 seconds after each other. Things can get moving pretty fast – please pay attention and bid early or you may miss out. In the event of a bid in last 5 minutes of the auction on any individual lot an additional 5 minutes is added to the clock of that lot only. This will occur as long as there is bidding activity on that lot. Once all bidding has stopped for a period of 5 minutes, the lot will close. Once the item closes, you will see a “won” icon on the lot that shows that you are the winning bidder. If you choose to not use the “LIVE” catalog you will need to refresh regularly so that you don’t miss out on additional bids and ultimately lose the bid.

Winning Buyer:

Once all the auction lots completely close, winning bidders will recieve an invoice via email. The processing/resale form that is provided on the auction site must be completed before you will receive your invoice.  Forms will be posted here when available.

How do I pay?

Make sure your contact and mailing information are up to date on your bidder registration. After winning a lot, you must:

  1. Complete the Processing and/or Resale Form, linked here when available.
  2. Then, you will be contacted and receive an invoice for your order.
  3. Payments will be collected through credit, debit, or check, on, “Add-ons & Invoices” Tab. Payments can be made with debit, credit, or check.

Processing Questions:

What do I do with the meat?

If you are keeping the meat you will need to fill out the “Processing form”. If not, you will need to complete the “Resale Form”.

What can you do with the meat once it is processed?

  • Keep the quality, locally raised meat for yourself.
  • Give gifts to friends and relatives.
  • Split it with friends or family.
  • Donate to your favorite charity or organization
  • Use it for a fundraiser
  • Employee incentive programs

How does buy back work?

Info coming soon.

Tax Deductibility:

While it is important to confirm with your tax accountant, purchases made through the Junior Livestock Auction are considered a donation and all or part may be tax-deductible.  The Tax .I.D. is # 93-1247291.

There are two types of buyers, businesses and private/individual.   Businesses may use their purchase as an advertising or business expense.  Individuals may use the purchase as a contribution “write-off”.

Online Buyer Registration How-To:

  • When you land on this website, navigate to the top left of the page and select “Login/New Bidder”.
  • Click the black button “New Bidder? Click here”
  • Select an email for your account that you check regularly. Complete the required information.
  • Click complete registration.
  • When the CCJL Auction is posted, you will have to register to bid in our auction IN ADDITION. Otherwise, it will only let you view the sale.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my purchase tax deductible?

Yes, most likely. Please see Tax Deductibility.

How much meat will I end up with?

The following figures are on average and are an approximation.

A 150 lb. lamb will yield 80 lbs. of carcass that will result in 60 lbs. of useable meat.
A 280 lb. hog will yield 200 lbs. of carcass that will result in 162 lbs. of usable meat.
A 1200 lb. steer will yield 720 lbs. of carcass that will result in 540 lbs. of usable meat.
A 100 lb. goat will yield 60 lbs. of carcass that will result in 40 lbs. of usable meat.

I want to buy with a partner, how is that done?

We welcome buyers to purchase animals together. Contact the auction by email to have an invoice split between multiple buyers:

On the top right of the lots, once you have entered the Clackamas County Junior Livestock Auction specifically, you can search for a lot by number or name.

How do I get help during the auction?

Feeling nervous about the virtual auction, but still want to purchase an animal? Feel free to call Kathy Mayfield at 503.998.6302. We will also have technical support provided throughout the sale starting Friday, August 21 – Saturday, August 22 or reach us anytime on our contact page.

Thank you Platinum and Diamond Sponsors!

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