Friends of the Auction-Locker Meat Purchasing Program

Friends of the Auction-Locker Meat Purchasing Program

If you would like to request more than one animal, you can select your first choice animal in the drop down menu, type in the total dollars you are paying, then designate the second animal on the ‘processing information’ form.

Beef, Swine, Sheep and goats will go directly to a slaughter site chosen at time of sign up.

Small animals (turkeys, broilers and rabbits) must be taken live and purchasers must make their own processing arrangements.

To finalize this process there is additional information CCJLA will need from you that will be collected.   Please be prepared to answer the following questions on the form when filling it out:

a. Species of animal you are requesting

b.  Name of Processor preferred.   You may not be guaranteed your first choice of processors. (For list of options refer to the Buyers page)

c.   Approved method of payment for the animal on the day of the sale.




All support dollars will be used for the sole purpose of lowering the commission for the youth. The support dollars will lower the presale publized commission rate. The reduction will be calculated after the sale by the auction manager.