Friends of the Auction – Locker Meat Purchasing Program

Purpose:  To provide a meat purchasing option for supporters of the auction program.

All support dollars will be used for the sole purpose of lowering the commission for the youth. The support dollars will lower the presale publized commission rate. The reduction will be calculated after the sale by the auction manager. 

Key features of program: 

  1. Participants will sponsor at the following minimum levels:

Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goat: $250 per animal

Broiler, Turkeys, Rabbits:  $50 per entry

  1. Sponsorships will open on the website by July 15th and close August 13th. Participants must pay sponsorship, choose species, choose preferred slaughter sites, whether they want more than one animal and approve method of payment of animals (if chosen to receive an animal) at time of signup.
  1. Sponsorships do not guarantee an animal purchase and are not refundable (even if the buyer opts out).
  1. A list for each species will be created after August 13th. Names will be randomized to create an ordered list for each species.
  1. At the end of the sale the resale animals will be assigned in sale order to the ordered list. If unassigned animals remain when the list is satisfied those persons who chose two animals will be assigned the remaining animals.  If animals remain they will be sold to the approved auction resale buyer.
  1. Once the list has been audited, those persons who will receive animals will be notified and their credit card of record will be charged the resale price per pound within 24 hours of the purchase.
  1. Beef, Swine, Sheep and goats will go directly to a processing site chosen at time of sign up. Small animals (turkeys, broilers and rabbits) must be taken live and purchasers must make their own processing arrangements. (See Processing options at bottom of page)
  1. Opt-out:  If the supporter wants to opt-out of the meat animal purchase, they must contact the Auction Manager by 7 pm by either phone or email ( on the day of the auction.  
  1. At the end of the sale, time is of the essence and all decisions made by the auction manager will be final.

This program will OPEN on July 12th and CLOSE on August 13th.

Processing Information 2022

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