Beef Paperwork Information and Drop Off Instructions

FORMS DUE August 14th 4 PM.

One of the following:

  • If you raised your own Beef, a note explaining your calf is home grown.
  • If you purchased your Beef in Oregon, the E-slip
  • If you purchased your Beef outside Oregon from a Brand State, the Brand Slip
  • If you purchased your Beef outside Oregon from a non-Brand State, and Bill of Sale

AND a Blue E-slip with seller (participant) information filled out.  (CCJLA will fill in buyer’s information after sale (or return E-Slip if animal is a buyback animal)  Blank E-Slips can be found at the drop off points below:

North Clackamas Land Lab 13021 SE Hubbard Road Clackamas

Contact: Kathy Mayfield 503.998.6302

Linda Burns 30930 SE Pipeline Road
(evenings only call ahead) 503-475-5073

Clackamas County Fairgrounds: Check open hours

Beef exhibitors should make copies of the originals (for their own records) of all documents and drop the originals off at one of the drop off points.

LIVE ANIMAL Drop Off Instructions

Beef: Transportation Slips Due @ final drop off point when you deliver your animal

All beef that go through the auction will need to be delivered to: (unless you receive a phone call from a committee member telling you that you received your buy back)

Clackamas County Fairgrounds – (Rodeo Pens)
August 25th, 4 pm – 7 pm 
For Address & Contact, click here.
For the Fairgrounds map, click here.

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